The eagles have landed ..

Etihad airways is highly recommended ! Superb flight and made a couple of new friends .  Flight to Abu Dhabi was eventful as we weren’t allowed to disembark because the police were coming on board !! Slight panic as I ran through in my head what I had brought with me that could be slightly illegal – I looked as guilty as sin and was relieved when the police (most elegant policemen I have ever seen 😎) arrested a passenger for inappropriate behaviour ! Nice bit of gossip !

Delhi airport was an experience – word of advice – avoid the crazy e-visa as the queues were horrendous and we were stuck for an hour ! Should have had the visa stamped on passport !   Not being a curry eater, I opted for the vegetarian choice thinking it would be mild – I provided the inflight entertainment for the Indian guy beside me as my mouth was  set on fire !  And it was only chickpeas and couscous !

Our driver is called Sukhvinder and I nearly jumped on him with excitement when I saw my name!  To be honest I think it was relief – I have told him the next two weeks are going to be a blast and I swear he started shaking ! He has driven us around New Delhi today and I don’t think there is a landmark we haven’t seen !  Wewere amazed at how green and clean it was!  We are treated like celebrities as people want photos with us (stand back and form  an orderly queue !!)  and Hannah especially is followed everywhere by couples wanting photos with their children! All the Indian guys insist on taking selfies with her and if it continues I reckon I could find her a husband by the end of the trip.

We stopped at a Sikh temple so Sukhvinder could show us where he prays with his family . A very moving experience that made the menopausal woman in my cry; the people are just so warm, smiley, happy and welcoming.  The buzz of this country is mind blowing .  The driving is unbelievably scarey and I just make sure my seatbelt is fastened and try not to shock Sukhvinder too much with my road rage (and I am not even driving).  He looked at me in the mirror at one point with shock and amusement as I shook my head and shouted as a tuktuk cut us up !!! Outrageous – where are the indicators!!!

Wasn’t intending to blog so soon so bear with until the next one.  I just wanted to let you all know just how excited I am we are finally here.

Today’s fear – four bottles of water and no sign of illness !! Hoping it doesn’t make an appearance !

Off to Agra in the morning …  as luck would have it can’t upload photos so will keep trying .

Love and sheer happiness












2 thoughts on “The eagles have landed ..

  1. Ahh so glad you both have arrived safely. You take me back to the horrendous queues at the airport, but soon forgotten when you are welcomed into the beautiful country. I love the smiles on the childrens faces, they always seem so happy!!
    So glad you are embracing it – even the spicy couscous!! Xx


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