One more sleep ………..

Can’t sleep and can’t eat.  Huge excitement mixed with gigantic nerves!  I have packed and unpacked and, sadly, the Clarins body cream is not accompanying me on my trip – compromise is needed!!  I decided an extra bottle of hand sanitizer was necessary.

I am not classing this as a holiday – this is, for me, an adventure and I just cannot wait for the aeroplane to land, the doors to open and to get my first glimpse of India.  Many people have told me to travel without any expectation but I find that hard.  What am I expecting (oh boy I can’t wait to share with you what I actually got!!)?  I am expecting an abundance of colour, hoards of people, lots of noise and just happy, smiley people.  I just want to open my arms wide and just smile until I board the plane home.

I have gifts too!  I have sports tops for our driver and fragrance for his wife/girlfriend (I hope he has one!) and I have 48 packets, yes 48!, of Haribo sweets to give to children I see.  Yes, I have a romantic expectation and I flip between seeing myself as Bridget Jones smothering the children with love and Julie Andrews running through the crowds singing “The Hills are Alive”.  I know the sceptics amongst you (gosh I can picture my fabulous husband, John, sighing with this in desperation) are laughing but I am clinging to my romantic expectation until realism sets in.  I fear I may be more “The Idiot Abroad” clinging to my rucksack with eyes closed.

So off to Heathrow tomorrow to meet Hannah and ready to board flight to Abu Dhabi where we stop over for 2 hours before the flight to Delhi.

I’m going to India and I just can’t believe it!!

Today’s fear?  I won’t have enough Haribo ……………………………. !

Love and expectation



The picture is of a beautiful mirror with an inscription on the reverse from some very special friends who I adore xxxfile-3.jpeg


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