It’s dawned on me…

file-1 (5)

Nerves are kicking in…

Only 4 sleeps to go – I went to boarding school as a young girl and throughout my life, I always count the days by how many sleeps there are!

Nerves, anxiety – call it what you will – but it is setting in!  I have started to lay things out on the spare bed and so far, I am doing well with the bare essentials.  I went into Winchester yesterday and got slightly distracted trying to find a dress for Christmas but managed to make a start preparing for our trip.

I spent half an hour (!) in Mountain Warehouse and came away with two large microfibre towels. It took some convincing by the nice guy in the shop to persuade me that my whole body and hair will be dry by using these towels and I simply fold them up ready for the next use – won’t they smell??  Note to self; washing powder needed.

I have been emailing Sunil who we have booked our tour with and I am assured that a nice driver will be holding a board at Delhi airport with my name on it.  He will take us to our hotel – I drew the line at a hostel (sorry Hannah!) and we compromised on three star hotels. A nice friend who has travelled to India told me last week that three star is one above a hostel – thanks for that! The next day we catch the train to Agra – I told you this is going to be worth reading…wahgghhghgh.

I read something by Paulo Coelho (he wrote The Alchemist) today “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.  Do it now”

This is really stepping out of my comfort zone.  Today’s worry?  That I will be kidnapped.  I have, therefore, booked hotel rooms with a double bed much to the horror of Hannah – if we are kidnapped; we go together!  I am an extremely loving and protective mother I will have you know.

Namaste my friends, namaste

Love and fear

SA x



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