And so the journey begins…!

Two months ago, my 24 year old daughter, Hannah, called to say she had booked 2 weeks off work and was off to India on her own!  After a sleepless night, I texted her at 2 am to ask if I could go with her.  Response??  “I don’t think so Mama”.  She called the next morning to say OK I could go with her but no 5 star hotels and we are using back packs (dear Lord!!).


Two return flights to Delhi are booked and we depart on 24th November to travel the Golden Triangle and return on the 8th December.


Currently in my spare bedroom I have laid out enough hand sanitizer, lavender room spray and Liz Earle body wash, there is not much room for anything else!  I have had the relevant jabs (and survived!) and my Gastroenterologist friend has kindly prescribed the appropriate medication to avoid Delhi Belly (I am not going to get it!!).  I have even started with the probiotics in preparation!


This is so out of my comfort zone.  I don’t like curry and I don’t like crowds but boy I am going to embrace this experience and enjoy every temple, sunset, and landscape.  I am so excited I might even embrace the roaming cows on the roads!!!!


My greatest fear is that I will unroll my sleeping bag and spend the whole two weeks camping in Delhi airport.


Come with me and share this experience – it will be a hoot!


Love and peace




5 thoughts on “And so the journey begins…!

  1. So proud of you and will be with you every step of the way! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures you will have and the hilarious tales you are bound to have! To shits & giggles! (Not literally the shits!). Love lots


  2. Dearest Sal, can’t wait to follow you and Hannah and to read of all the adventures, and of those there will surely be many. Am planning a similar yoga driven trip in October 2019 so on your return will be looking for guidance. Break the rules and have a blast you truly fabulous person. Besos besos besos xxx


  3. Sally-Anne, I am so excited to follow you travels, although I wouldn’t want to be the one following you into a toilet. Imodium rocks, well your stomach does until you take it.


  4. Have an amazing adventure together my lovely friend. You will be a duo they will have never seen the like of in India! Enjoy every moment. Look after each other & make some lovely memories. Lots of love Karin & Kat xxxxx


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