Day 1 – Delhi update

Without sounding precious – tonight we ventured out onto the streets of Delhi on our own ! Bit of a silly mistake as I have never felt so scared in my entire life – the chaos, noise and sheer wildness of the atmosphere is unbelievable.

Hannah came up trumps with a lovely vegetarian restaurant but I am craving Earl Grey! I feel I have just taken part in a bush tucker trial – I just ate and didn’t look down! We ended the meal with a small handful of tiny sugar blocks, aniseed and coriander seeds to help the digestive system! Rather nervous about the train journey to Agra now!! The hospitality is wonderful but I feel constantly on alert !

Love and anticipation





One thought on “Day 1 – Delhi update

  1. Dearest Sal Loving your adventure and that you don’t look down when eating. Eagerly awaiting the next instalment of SA does India. Much love from all here xx


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