Day 2 – Agra and struggling

We finished our day yesterday with visiting The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial with some very inspirational verses leaving me feeling very uplifted and positive. I struggled to remember the verses today !

We took the train from Delhi station to Agra and in some ways it would give South West Rail a run for their money ! Very comfortable seats – bottles of water served and then a tray with breakfast AND we left on time ! Ok ok so at Winchester station you don’t sit and watch the monkeys running all over nor the man who insisted standing by my window and decided to empty his mouth of any drops of saliva he might have left !! Horror!! I contemplated offering a tissue but Hannah warned me not to!

The train journey took us past the most deprived areas and the scenes I have witnessed have shocked me to the core – I just can’t understand or believe how these people survive; they have nothing. Children and adults were walking on the train track collecting rubbish – I just wanted to stop the train and give my food tray to them – I didn’t touch anything on my tray as it just felt wrong.

Arrived to total chaos at Agra and we hunted for Sukhvinder – he found us and again I could have jumped on him with relief – note to self; you are not a member of Sukhvinder’s family and hugging him is not ok !

We visited the Agra Fort which was beautiful and super views of the Taj Mahal, albeit it very foggy so a blur in the distance. We had a very good guide who explained all about the Mughal Emperor who built the fort in approx 1565. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site and also houses part of the Indian army.

We were taken to a nice restaurant for another buffet lunch. For someone who doesn’t like curry or spicy food (I can honestly hear you laughing!) this is a struggle. I am determined to try as much as I can but my word my limits are being pushed!

Agra is a huge shock and terribly upsetting – nothing has prepared me and I have returned to the hotel upset and with a headache. Our hotel overlooks a muddy patch of land which houses 3 separate families and they just sit and squat. Children holding babies run to the car trying to dodge the tuk tuks, cows, monkeys, dogs and traffic and I have felt just so awful and sad.

Quiet night in tonight as pick up at 6 am to see the Taj Mahal.

Today’s worry? I am worried the digestive drink I was encouraged to end my lunch with is not going to agree with me! It was green!!

I decided not to bring my iPad and struggling to upload photos for which I apologise as I have some really good ones o want to share. As soon as we are in a hotel with internet I will share my photos with you x

Love and struggles




3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Agra and struggling

  1. Keep strong darling. You are doing well. Hope the migration has gone. Love to you both. Thinking of you both. Lots of love to you both. Megan xxxxxx and Eric xxxxxx


  2. Dearest Sal. This is so well written I feel I am sat next to you. Your photos are brilliant. Thank goodness you have Hannah. Be strong and brace for each. Hope the tummy holds out! Looking forward to the next instalment. Enjoy my amazing intrepid explorer friend. Namaste 🙏🏻 (the spirit in me, salutes the spirit in you). 🤗


  3. A true roller coaster honey. Hope the sunrise over the Taj tomorrow brings a huge high. Not many will witness that magical moment. Practise that Princess Diana pose. xx


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