Day 9 – Long drive to Jodhpur …………

We were so sad to say goodbye to Dev Villa; such a lovely place and the owner, his wife and helpers were all so kind and welcoming! Both mornings we shared the dining room with two Indian couples who waved like mad at us when we all said goodbye. We could quite happily have spent a further day in Udaipur but Sukhvinder explained it was a good idea we were leaving as a fleet of 200 Mercedes was arriving for the wedding of an Indian multi millionaire’s son – bit miffed no invite so we left!

The drive to Jodhpur was a long one but so interesting that I didn’t even slightly nod off for the whole 6 hours. The landscape changed dramatically. We drove over a fantastic mountain pass and weaved down steadily – quite scary! Monkeys all along the side of the road which pleased Hannah and Sukhvinder laughed when I told him to not even think about stopping and put his foot down !! He finds my reaction to monkeys funny.

We were stopped again at various checkpoints along the way by soldiers and rifles checking cars of illegal bribes for the villagers who, quite honestly, seem oblivious to the whole thing. Apparently all canvassing and advertising has to stop 24 hours prior to the Election Day – gosh wouldn’t that be nice in UK?

We stopped at the Ranakpur Jain Temple which was built in the 15th century and most impressive. There were quite a few priests who, for a small fee (!), offered to include us in their prayers. For another small fee (!), we were offered a bindi which I declined due to my disaster with the previous one. Rather frustrating to have constant people asking for selfies and photos within the temple and we got rather fed up as just wanted to take in the peace and architecture. It was a very hot day and can’t believe next week I will be putting the Christmas tree up in U.K.

After about 4 hours in the car Sukhvinder suggested we stop for a break. My goodness – like something out of a wild western film! Attached is a photo of the inside. There were about 7 men serving no one! – I don’t think anyone had stopped there for about a century!! Sukhvinder ordered something to eat so Hannah and I went and sat in the “garden” to give him some privacy. Our tea and coffee arrived – Hannah “accidentally” spilt hers after discovering two hairs floating on the top and I think my masala tea had been brewed in the previous century. The owner came out and produced a certificate in English to say that on the 28th February this year he had been voted as a world record breaking magician! He showed us a few tricks of making coins disappear and changing a piece of a paper into a rupee. A really lovely elderly gentleman whose smile was huge when we clapped and shouted “bravo”! We could have stayed all afternoon with him. Just surreal …….

Finally arrived in Jodhpur and discovered again that another wedding invite didn’t reach us in time. An Indian actress and an American actor (don’t know either) got married in Jodhpur yesterday and great excitement was here.

Our hotel is 127 years and we have been made most welcome. Dinner was served (think we are the only guests) on the rooftop which was lovely and soft music and candles – £7.30 for the two of us.

An early start in the morning for a day of sight seeing before heading to Jaisalmer. We are both exhausted and Hannah so tired that she has just mistaken her make up wipes for the Andrex bottom wipes.

Today’s worry? Hannah’s complexion in the morning.

Love and tiredness




One thought on “Day 9 – Long drive to Jodhpur …………

  1. Can’t believe you or Hannah don’t know about Priyanka Chopra or Nick Jonas!! Look up their wedding it is fabulous! Keep up with the gossip girls xxxx


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